Overnight Care options for your Pets

Pet Care Options for Your Pets When You Travel

Pet owners, as the summer season approaches, you will want to think ahead regarding care options for when you travel. From day trips to weekend vacations to longer excursions, be sure to find a place where your beloved furry friend can stay, be safe and, hopefully, have as much fun as you. Below is a list of care options to help you determine which is best for your pet.


The Pros

When vacationing, you may want to explore the option of making pet-sitting arrangements with a neighbor. This option is usually the least expensive, especially if your neighbor is a close friend. Also, when your dog is walked, their stress will be minimal, compared to an unfamiliar location, because the neighborhood is easily recognizable and well-known to your dog.

The Cons

Although this option costs less, your neighbor may not feel as responsible as a paid pet sitter. Tip: Provide specific written instructions for how to appropriately care for your dog. Also, unlike a kennel, you will need to provide all of the arrangements for your furry friend in terms of food, water, a bed, and so forth. This can be a bit of an inconvenience opposed to a facility that is fully stocked and prepared for four-legged visitors.

Utilizing an App

The Pros

When using an app, your pet will remain at home which means he or she is in its familiar setting and there’s no danger of damaging items (in the event they accidentally break something at someone else’s home). Your pet’s food, toys, and water are already present, and your pet is clearly familiar with the home which eliminates the anxiety of a new environment. Also, when at home, there are no new pets to potentially fight with.

The Cons

Your furry friend may feel lonely if someone is not around for the majority of the day. Also, there is a greater chance for late or missed feedings and walks because the person is not staying inside the home for the duration of your tip. As a result, there is an increased chance of accidents on the floor and increased stress from your pet waiting for you to come home.


The Pros

The word “kennel” often carries a negative connotation, but these days, kennels are more like pet resorts. Kennels typically offer playtime with other dogs, meals and treats, regular walks, and webcams to observe how your dog is doing while you are away. When choosing a kennel, make sure the facility is clean, well-ventilated, and spacious. Also, rest assured that your dog will be safe in a reputable facility. They are in a secure environment and cannot escape. They will have a comfortable place to sleep, and the staff is typically comprised of animal lovers who will give your pet the love and attention they need while you are gone.

The Cons

If your dog is not well-adjusted to staying outside of your home, this may not be the ideal situation because your pet may refuse to eat or feel stress from the unfamiliarity. Tip: Bring a shirt, blanket, or pillow that smells that like home. This will add to your pet’s comfort. Boarding with other animals also increases exposure to picking up an illness. Before choosing a kennel, ask about their vaccination policy to decrease the odds of placing your dog among potentially sick pets.

Boarding in Someone’s Home

The Pros

Boarding in someone’s home provides your pet with a warm, safe, and clean environment. Tip: Choose a home that undoubtedly facilitates safety, warmth, and cleanliness. Also, your four-legged friend will not experience loneliness and increased anxiety from loneliness because someone will be home, as opposed to a random sitter who occasionally checks in from time to time.

The Cons

When in someone else’s home, your pet’s schedule may not be the same, and this can increase anxiety associated with your absence. Tip: Reduce pet stress by providing the sitter with your pet’s routine regarding walks, eating, and bedtime. The unfamiliar environment may also be a trigger for pet stress, too.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

The Pros

Professional pet sitters are usually very dependable. Tip: Carefully check references or choose a sitter that a family member or friend recommends. Typically, pet sitters are first aid trained, insured, and bonded. Another benefit of a professional pet sitter is the advantage of having someone inside your home while you are away. Not only will your fur baby be in good hands, but your home will feel protected, too, because your home will appear occupied.

The Cons

This option can be a bit costly which can add up over longer trips. Also, availability may be an issue, too. Finding a professional sitter who is available during peak summer months may be a challenge, so be sure to plan early to secure a reliable sitter.

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